After tonights update from Boris, I am happy to confirm that the salon restrictions will be coming to an end Monday 19th July.


After months of restrictions we as a team we cant wait to get back to some sort of normality,  But what does this mean for our clients? 


SOCIAL DISTANCING: ever since the pandemic started the salons restrictions meant we could only seat clients 2m away from each other, This as you know had myself and my team working on different days and longer hours. From Monday 19th July I will no longer be seating people at this distance. All seats are 1m away from each other, and I feel that this distance is now totally acceptable for every client to feel safe whilst having all 7 seats filled in one day if necessary.

This will benefit my business massively! And myself and my team will now have the flexibility to work whenever they want to without worrying about the social distancing with clients and members of the team.


MASKS: As we all know it was salon guidance that all clients and team members wore a mask(unless proof of exemption)

On the 19th July myself and my team will no longer wear a mask, unless they feel they want too. We will no longer ask a client to wear a mask either… however if you feel safer wearing a mask it is completely your decision and we will respect your wishes in doing so. 


PLASTIC GOWNS: From the 19th July we will no longer be using Plastic gowns for Cut and Blowdrys. We will however use them fro colour clients.


HAND SANITISER: we will still be offering Hand sanitiser and myself and my team will still use this after every client.


DRINKS AND MAGAZINES: We will now be offering a full range of hot and cold drinks along with reading material.


We understand the unlocking of these restrictions will make some clients feel uneasy.. but as a business owner I welcome the easing with open arms.


Its been a tough year for us all, and I totally agree that there is no better time to do it. 


I will ALWAYS have a duty of care to my clients and team.

If any of my clients feel uneasy with the lifting then please feel free to discuss this with me, and I will work out the best time in the day when it is quieter to help alleviate any added worry.


Stay Safe


Helen Tether x