Updated Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Hello we hope your all still staying safe and staying well.

WEHEYYYYYYY We finally have confirmation from the government we can reopen on Saturday 4Th July

We as a salon have already been very pro-active and have been in contact with all clients to reschedule their appointments.

Clients have been contacted by level of priority, which means the people who have been loyal to us, or have had an appointment rearranged from as early as march have been rescheduled first.

Regarding new clients or clients that have'nt had appointment booked since we closed, im afraid we don't have any availability until August. Please text the stylist on their number below to get an appointment.

Our re-opening Brief "The New Normal" found on our header page is where you will find the new Government guidelines for the salon. These will be published in the next day or so. These guidelines MUST be followed. If they are not adhered too this can cause altercations and appointments to become void. We can't wait to do your hair again, but we have to do it safely in a controlled environment which makes it safe for not only you but myself and the team too. Please be aware that on your first appointment back your service will be standard. No big changes, No new restyles etc.. we have so many clients to rebook and we can't afford to run late as clients won't be allowed in until the seat is free. Please also remember, if you've box dyed your hair your colour appointment will automatically be void!!! skin tests must be done before we can do your hair, but all this will be in the new brief.

Only 3 Team members will be in the salon on one given day. Helen, Cerys,Emily & Chris will be working slightly different shifts due to the fact we won't be able to all work together on the same days. This information is set out below, and all clients booked in on those affected days will be contacted shortly.

Monday - Cerys &

Tuesday- Cerys &

Wednesday - Helen, Emily & Cerys

Thursday- Helen, Emily & Chris.

Friday- Chris, Cerys & Hayley(Hayley late night only)

Saturday- Helen,Emily & Hayley

Sunday- Chris & Cez

If you have an appointment with Chris, Hayley or Cez please contact them on their direct numbers.

Helen & Emily - 07581013520

Chris - 07854335898

Hayley - 07540407228

Cerys - 07496345716

Be Alert, Save lives.

Thank You,

Helen XX

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